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LAMP stands for Lead Automated Marketing Process and is an integrated lead generation, nurturing and sales process, managed by cloud software designed specifically for SMEs.

It allows you to build relationships, supports lead generation, nurturing and sales processes, designed as a single easy to use solution for SMEs, to gain you more business.

LAMP includes a comprehensive array of content marketing , CRM and marketing automation functionality, in a single, easy to understand product. Functionality includes:

Inbound and Outbound Marketing  

LAMP supports the process of generating and closing leads through a blended combination of inbound and outbound marketing techniques. 

What LAMP does

LAMP’s main applications are lead generation and lead nurturing and other customer and prospect facing processes. LAMP provides the integrated functionality of CRM & Marketing Automation integrated with content using email and social media. The key themes within LAMP are:

  • Ensuring sales and marketing alignment
  • Cost effective and SME price point
  • Simple to use and quick to deploy for SMEs
  • Built in processes not just a complex toolkit

The LAMP software is provided on a monthly subscription or pay per lead basis and is hosted in the cloud which makes it easy for companies to adopt and to budget for.  

The LAMP concept: simple, effective....

In the simplest terms to generate leads with LAMP you need:

  • Content - the reason prospects want to talk to you, your message, thought leadership 
  • Contacts - email data, behaviour history and social media contacts to distribute your messages to
  • Connect - human interaction blended into the mix to build proper relationships 


  • Convert - the interactions into leads to work on by internal / external sales
  • Close - the business using sales and opportunity management and best practice lead definitions ensuring sales and marketing alignment

For more details see the LAMP theory here

Other LAMP features

In the cloud - cost effective, no up-front investment

Pay per click pricing - novel subscription model where you pay for results, traditional pricing available if required

Easy to understand and use - guides and wizards provided to help you get going with your new marketing and lead generation strategy

Content based marketing - create, input and manage the content in the form of whitepapers, videos, case studies

Sales process and buying process - we often think of prospects in term of the sales cycle and their grading, sales status or qualification. However, LAMP also takes account of the purchasers and where they are in their buyer's journey along what we call the Awareness Cycle

Inbound and outbound marketing - including the integration of intelligent tele-marketing

Sales optimization - manage sales and tele-sales  from leads to opportunities, with organized workflows for efficient operation

Manage complex sales - handle multiple independent relationships with the same unique contact record - avoids duplicates and on-going data maintenance as far as possible

Compliance - ensure you adhere to best practice, standards and legal requirements

Project management - comprehensive Project and Campaign set up and management including resourcing and timesheet management

Agency version - allows multiple relationships with the same prospect, manage landscaping data and intelligence in contacts


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