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Using Content and data intelligently - Content Automation LAMP big pictureThe picture above shows the future of content marketing and a new niche content automation.In simple terms the diagram shows a process where we have lots of data on our customers and prospects, we have lots of content that we can provide to those contacts.The output or result is better rela

Attention Marketing Agencies - new product - LAMP-360

LAMP stands for: Lead Automated Marketing Processs

Customer acquisition

LAMP-360 integrations and modules

LAMP-360 has a number of important integrations and modules that you might be interested in.
Open Source

Firstly LAMP is built on the infrastructure provided by SugarCRM Community Edition. This edition is used by 1000s of companies around the world and very reliable. SugarCRM CE has some limitations and many if not all of these have been overcome by LAMP-360.

What is Marketing Automation?

What is Marketing Automation and Why Do I Need It?

Entry level Marketing automation tool for SMEs

LAMP-360 - Marketing Automation Solution For SMEs. The marketing automation market has matured over the last few year and also covers technology of content marketing, inbound marketing and others, to name a few.

This is great but for the SME, and for SME we mean companies that don't have lots of spare resource or large budgets, there are two major problems with this new technology. We believe that LAMP provides a solution to these issues:

1. It's expensive: monthly costs run into 100s and 1000s of pounds which are a significant investment fro an SME. LAMP is available from £50 for the first user (per month ) and a typical 5 user system is £150 per month. Set up and training costs are normally contained within £1000 and this makes the acqusition of LAMP for marketing and lead generation very affordable.
2. Complexity - nearly all MA tools require you to have an existing CRM tool, usually Whilst this is a great product its also very functional and very complicated and very expensive. So when you add on a subscription for an expensive tool you only use 10% of m and add on an Marketing tool and perhaps a content tool and other bits and bobs, the cost becomes prohibitive.

LAMP is unique in that it provides all the functionality in one too and as a process. Because its a process its easier to understand and set up and as all the functions are in one tool, there's one very affordable subscription from £50 per month for the first user.

How to define a lead?

How to define a lead, for lead generation purposes.

Lead Generation Process for SMEs

Over view of the LAMP process

Improving the efficiency of tele-marketing - an in depth guide. Part 6 of 10: Scripts, timescales, HR issues, Systems

Should your T/Ms follow a script? In brief, “No!”

You really should use people experienced enough to have a conversation, ask the relevant questions and respond intelligently to the answers given – a conversation. Also, they will start to build the relationship with the prospect which is important in the long run, this will not really happen using just software and blogs alone. This is why tele-marketing is expensive. These people are hard to find, recruit, motivate and retain.

As mentioned previously the conversation can centre on the content downloaded and the Profile Survey questions that have been answered already by the prospect. This is a good starting point.

Improving the efficiency of tele-marketing - an in depth guide. Part 5 of 10: Case studies and lead scoring

We give examples here of two case studies where we have used collateral as part of email campaign successfully. We routinely use this process with our clients even if it’s something we phase in as a phase 2. This section compares the definition of a Marketing Qualified Lead or “MQL” against that of the lead scoring process. When a lead is first generated, it is a lead with very little information known about it. Lead Scoring in simple terms is the process of objectively ranking leads to ensure the best ones are followed up the soonest.

Improving the efficiency of tele-marketing - an in depth guide. Part 7 of 10. Summary, LAMP and reading list

Tele-marketing is a long established and successful process, however this needs to be balanced with the fact that its high risk and typically expensive.

Hence any tools or processes that can improve the efficiency of tele-marketing need to be considered carefully. The technique of using content is a proven method of attracting demand and web registration that can be followed up by tele-marketing.

Common sense tells us that given a constant standard of T/M resource, a comparable list and the same proposition, a T/M following up warm incoming leads is going to be able to achieve better results, over time, that somebody cold calling.